Hybrid Composite Steel Structures

The Hybrid Composite Structural Steel System is a highly flexible building system. It is composed of horizontal structures (beams) and vertical ones (columns), which can be used either separately or as part of a system depending upon the required standards. It is a global, effective and advanced solution for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, as well as for large works, infrastructures, facilities, renovation, and conservative restoration.

Maiwir® column with cage

Steel composite columns are load bearing members with a reinforced cage inserted in hollow core steel sections of any shape. These are generally subjected to compression and bending and are designed as per EuroCode 4. Maiwir columns can be designed in any shape, square, rectangular or cylindrical as per the client’s requirement and the architectural feasibility.

Maiwir® open web truss beams

Composite beams are simply supported open web truss sections made of round mild steel bars and mild steel plates, encased in a sacrificial shutter of MS sheets of minimal thickness designed for spans up to 40 metres. Any additional integration can be done to Maiwir® beams such as staircases, façade, MEP cages. The challenges of MEP Services passing beneath the slabs can be resolved by provision of sleeves & clits in our system thereby optimising the floor-to-floor clear height.

Various composite slab systems

Our slab system, consisting of structural lattice girders embedded in precast concrete base, allows us to achieve very long spans without temporary supports before casting the concrete at the construction site. They are designed for any slab systems available in the market, like Deck sheeting, post stressed concrete slab etc as per architectural design requirements.

Salient features of hybrid composite technology

  • Total self-bearing system & dead loads are reduced using lighter sections thereby reducing the foundation costs. Our beams can bear any accidental overloads.
  • 120 mins fire rating without any external application of fireproof paint
  • Space maximisation compared to conventional construction
  • Tailor-made & cost-effective design solutions with clear spans ranging up to 40 metres
  • Speedy construction & timely deliverables with optimised resource utilisation.
  • With a self-supporting floor, the underlying floor level is immediately accessible as no additional propping is required.
  • Less susceptible to seismic and wind loads
  • Environmentally sustainable solutions with less maintenance
  • Skilled teams & well-equipped manufacturing facility with cutting edge technology